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Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center

Variety Care – Client

Variety Care – Candidate

Sunset CHC

Choptank Health System



“UHCS is simply the finest recruitment firm in the FQHC realm.  You guys are doing great and building a good reputation and I am glad about that.  I’ve had the chance recently to share with some folks that you are very good in making sure there is a fit, and I think that’s critical.  Our new CFO (Brent) is tremendous and totally the real deal.  One of my better hires I have made in 25 years, he’s making a huge difference here.  By the way, our new IT leader that you gave us is killing it too, he’s great.  Keep up the great work for our community healthcare network.”

David B. Vliet, MBA, Chief Executive Officer -Tiburcio Vásquez Health Center, Inc.

“We had our CEO position open for a couple of years without finding the right fit on our own. One of the things that impressed me about UHC Solutions was that they were willing to take on a very difficult search for our Native American organization. We had some pretty tough specifications that we asked for. UHCS absolutely did an exemplary job in finding us our new CEO that met all of the requirements that we outlined for them.”

-Kimberly A. Walint Echeverri, Director of Human Resources – Indian Health Center Of Santa Clara Valley in San Jose, California

“UHCS made us feel at ease, they helped us understand the process to on-board our new Chief Medical Officer.  Their team took the time to understand our situation and our needs.  We became comfortable with them and they brought us applicants that were very qualified to be our new physician leader.  The result was that they found us a CMO that had everything that we asked for and then some.”

-David Rogers, CEO – Sunset Community Healthcare in Yuma Arizona

“UHCS has proven to be a solid business partner.  Their team filled 6 hard to fill leadership positions for us over a one year period.  They listen and take the information to absolutely nail the recruitment project.”

-Heather Bailey – Chief Human Resources Officer at Jefferson Healthcare in Port Townsend, WA

“The entire process exceeded our expectations.  We had never worked with a recruitment firm before at the level of our Chief Medical Officer.  They gave us feedback during the entire process on what we were doing well and we got great results.  They identified four candidates for us in a short period time and we ended up hiring a very qualified physician leader.”

-Bonnie Shea, Chief Human Resources Officer – Communicare CHC in Davis, California

“Just a quick word on Tim and his team at UHC, whom I’ve gotten to know these past few years. These guys are top notch and did much to facilitate my move out to the West Coast. Tim was of great help to me and presented me with a couple of excellent opportunities, but importantly, in my effort to find the right fit, he made me feel like he had my back and was truly interested making sure I landed in the right place. I’m my opinion, they possess mastery (Malcolm Gladwell talks about ten thousand hours as the point mastery generally occurs) in assessing and discerning where and how and at what point organizations and candidates best fit together and how their interests, talents and objectives align. They understand candidates and are now very strong in our community healthcare market and have already done much to provide top quality, vetted, candidates to a number of our NACHC membership. Then there’s the integrity and all the other good stuff they bring to the table. A five star firm.”

-David B. Vliet, Chief Executive Officer – Tiburcio Vásquez Health Center in Union City, CA

“I would absolutely use UHCS again and have numerous times to fill my critical positions since their initial search for our new Chief Medical Officer.   My first impression was that UHC really understands the market. The value, detail and quality of candidates that we saw and continue to see with UHC is truly impressive.  UHC really cares about the right match for both the client and the candidate and I think that isn’t the case with all recruiters.”

-Lou Carmichael – Chief Executive officer of Variety Care headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK

“I knew I was in touch with a company who knew what they were doing and had an excellent process in finding physician leaders a cut above other agencies. In short order we received two highly quality candidates and didn’t need to see anymore because of the superiority of candidates that were submitted.”

-Joe Sheehan President and CEO of Choptank Community Health Center located in Denton, MD


“Here I am settling into my new role as Director of Quality Improvement at Lynn Community Health Center and I had to pause to say, thank you to the team that helped make this dream possible.  I look forward to working with gratitude and humility in this new role as I truly feel like their work in finding and recruiting me for this opportunity felt like kismet.  Of course, it was not magic as they may have made it seem.  The credit goes to the professionalism and integrity of the team in finding the right match.  The folks at UHC Solutions made it easy to trust them to do their job so well and to take all of their great advice because of the investments they made in getting to know me as a person.  Troy is especially attuned and respectful to others and I want to give him a special nod.  Daniel Pink wrote about the new ABC’s of sales in his book ‘To Sell Is Human’ and Troy exemplifies this new philosophy to move others – attunement, buoyancy and clarity.  He is doing it right!  Thanks again!”

-AnneMarie Tesora, Director of Quality Improvement

“Thanks to UHC Solutions, I won an opportunity that is a complete match for my skill set and leadership style.  I have no doubts that this job will be the highlight of my career and will allow me to grow both personally and professionally.”

-Ted Syverson – Director of Patient Financial Services of Jefferson Healthcare located in Port Townsend, Washington

“When I got the call from UHC, I was not actually looking for a job as I was very happy. They listened and paid attention to what I was talking about. I think they do an excellent job aligning individual and client points of interest and putting them together. The team did an amazing job getting me to where I am at today because I really wasn’t looking.”

-Steve Ramirez – Chief Medical Officer for Variety Care headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK