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The Top 5 Apps Physicians Should Use Every Day

Far from being mere time-wasters for the bored, mobile apps are gradually transforming the way modern industries do business. Since the very first smartphones slipped into our pockets, the ability to rapidly access information and other services has affected professionals in all fields, and physicians are no exception. What apps should you be encouraging your physicians to use every day? Here’s a peek at the most powerful and useful tools available today.

The Best Mobile Apps for Physicians

1. VisualDX

With a database that includes thousands of diagnoses and tens of thousands of images, VisualDX is one of the fastest and most powerful tools to supplement your diagnostic skills. Use it to compare your patients’ symptoms, including radiology reports, with documented cases for a more accurate diagnosis.

2. MedPage Today

With medical research advancing faster than ever, it takes special effort to keep your skills sharp. MedPage Today has been a leader in providing easy online access to cutting research for some time, and their mobile app makes keeping yourself up to date with recent advancements easier than ever.

3. Case

While many apps provide access to medical journals, Case does an unusually good job of sifting through the sea of information to find articles that are relevant to your interests. By focusing on user-designated keywords and tracking your reading habits, the app directs you to the articles and studies that best suit your specialty. Whether you work in research, patient care, or hospital management, Case will soon become one of your best resources.

4. Epocrates

Epocrates is perhaps the most popular app among primary care providers, and with good reason. Though many use it primarily for researching medications, drug interactions, and other pharmacological interventions, it is also a detailed resource for diagnosing and treating illness, and may be the most complete medical reference that can be carried in your pocket.

5. Figure 1

While the previous entries on this list focused on providing physicians with high-quality resources, Figure 1 encourages doctors to become a resource for others. With discussions focused around difficult diagnoses and treatments, the app’s users can hone their clinical skills while participating in useful debate.

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