Best Practices for Recruiting a Candidate Who Will Have to Relocate

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The healthcare industry is facing widespread staffing gaps—and it didn’t even take the pressure of COVID-19 to create them. Long before the coronavirus pandemic, we had been anticipating 45,000 too few primary care providers and another 46,000 specialists, along with … Read More

6 Things New Physicians Are Looking For in a Job

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In an ever-changing industry, there are a few things that a physician can count on in the job. Increasing and rapidly changing regulatory rules and sharply declining reimbursement, along with technology innovations, all characterize an industry in the thick of … Read More

How to Recruit Executives in Rural Health Centers

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It’s harder to recruit clinical teams for rural health centers. Healthcare professionals can be concerned that the workload is higher, or they may have difficulty taking time off. They may worry about geographic isolation and a lack of activities for … Read More

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