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CPR in recruitment

What is CPR in recruiting?  It’s Contact Point Resolution. The old adage “patience is a virtue,” is the caution heard round the world, usually offered in the face of hasty energy or urgency. In a field like recruitment, however, urgency is a necessity considering the rapid rate at which candidates and openings can emerge, develop, and conclude. Though patience has its own key merits, it could be argued that in the world of recruitment, you need something else like CPR which results in speed.  It is very difficult to achieve these important recruitment components if there are multiple levels of responsibility in an organization.

As a niche recruiting firm primarily retained by FQHCs, the fluidity of UHC Solutions’ work is important for several key reasons. Author Daniel H. Pink wrote about the significance of elasticity of skills in the business world. For years, companies have divided job duties and skills into specialized boxes, like assembly lines with separated steps. Large companies, in particular, require this kind of specialization to remain controlled. Pink contends that better business practices derive from organizations that encourage elastic skills, so that their employees are able to jump from duty to duty with little resistance or confusion. This is particularly salient for small companies, whose employees have to wear many hats to ensure smooth daily operations.

Not only does this flexibility of skills make employees feel more autonomous and capable, it also ensures that customers are provided the best experience. Rather than being passed around from department to department for a bureaucratic nightmare, a customer can be helped by any given employee who is familiar with the field and the goals of the company. Examining work from a customer perspective is key to good business practices, and particularly important for good recruiting.

When UHC trains new employees, they learn the ins and outs of recruitment regardless of job title. Internet Researchers and Recruiters alike come to understand what clients and candidates need from a recruiter, how the company reaches its greatest successes, and what can happen when a poor placement fails. Our intimate comprehension of the business leads to cohesion, not only amongst the staff, but also with our customers. Our collaborative environment ensures that each person working for UHC is familiar with the daily occurrences of each of our clients and candidates. Were we to individualize skills and duties, this would never be the case. Our daily morning meetings would cease to make sense. Our Directors of First Impressions would not recognize or know the needs of clients and candidates who call in. Most importantly, our recruitment would fail to be as personal, supportive, or effective.

The flexibility of our work at UHC allows us to be the best recruiters that we can, which makes it a much greater virtue to us than simple patience.

Written By: Hilary U’Ren

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