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How to Effectively Market Your Company to Top-Level Talent

In a market that favors job seekers, attracting the most talented healthcare executives to your facility can be a struggle. In fact, most top-level positions take months to fill, a period during which your company can spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the search for a replacement. If you’re interested in reducing your time to fill and snagging the perfect candidate as soon as they appear, these tips will help you attract better applicants.

Revamp your website

In 2018, the first chance you get to make a major impression on a candidate is through your website. Since a talented C-suite executive is unlikely to be interested in a company that looks like it is stuck in the last century, there is no excuse for outdated and clunky web-design. By keeping your website modern, informative, and easy to use, you are certain to make a good impression.

Streamline your hiring process

Just like your website, your hiring process should be simple and straightforward. In essence, you want to funnel candidates straight into the process, avoiding every unnecessary bump and obstacle that could turn them away or give them time to reconsider. When a promising candidate applies for a job, respond immediately with a personal call. Be sure to maintain this prompt and fluid communication throughout the process, and you can be confident that applicants will be impressed by your company.

Turn your interviewers into recruiters

Once again, today’s job market favors applicants – and they know it! Since potential hires know they have the freedom to shop around, you shouldn’t risk losing your favored candidate by “playing hard to get.” At UHC Solutions, we like to remind our clients to think of themselves as recruiters, not just interviewers. If you’re impressed by a candidate, be prepared to roll out the red carpet and amaze them. By making a candidate feel welcome and valued, you increase your chances of turning an interview into a hire.

Follow through with a great onboarding process

Once a promising candidate has expressed interest in an executive position at your company, don’t let their interest grow cold. The onboarding process should begin immediately, and you should be sure to provide personalized attention at every step along the way. Generally, this process should be handled by the same hiring manager who contacted the candidate and performed the interview, as this ensures continuity and helps your new hire feel comfortable at your facility. As the process unfolds, make sure all the candidate’s questions and concerns are handled promptly.

Connecting with better candidates

At UHC Solutions, we are passionate about providing world-class executive recruitment services to healthcare facilities like yours. With over 20 years in the industry, we have the expertise and industry insight needed to help your facility meet its leadership needs. To learn more about our process for recruiting C-suite healthcare executives, contact our top healthcare recruiters today.

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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.