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How we serve community health centers

Client Challenge

We have a critical need for a Clinical Informatics Specialists,” an FQHC told us. “We have a bunch on our plate right now. With everything from Meaningful Use compliance, ongoing EHR upgrades & optimization, and more urgently physician and clinician integration – we need a clinical informatics expert that can bridge the communication gap between the clinicians and the IT folks!

The client’s facility was a “tenured” site that needed a “hand’s on” informatics professional. This position called for a blend of clinical and IT knowledge along with the people skills to work at all levels of the organization. While this position is well established in the acute care world, finding someone with this background and wanting to work in a rural Community Health Center/FQHC setting was a totally different story.

How We Help:

As a 17-year-old healthcare recruiting firm, UHC Solutions had the expertise to not only know what this person looked like, but also how to find and point out what a great opportunity the client had to offer. And…by the way, we needed to get them accepted and relocated to a very rural part of the Northwest.

A simple posting did not do the position justice. There was a lot of opportunity for the “right person” in this growing community health center, therefore prospects needed to be sought out and directly presented with the opportunity. The recruiting team at UHCS now had a profile to begin the search and put this direct-recruiting project into production.

To begin the process, we started with an initial candidate target list of 962 candidates on the west coast. This pool was culled down to 141 candidates that resided in and around the Northwest. After making contact with this group, 6 viable recruits were identified as a match. After further vetting to our clients specific needs in the role, we submitted 2 “center of the target” candidates. Both were interviewed and one was hired within 6 weeks of taking on the search.

What Was Achieved:

  • Two qualified and motivated candidates were recruited, packaged and submitted within 15 business days of UHCS accepting the assignment.
  • After an initial phone interview, it was determined that each candidate was a fit and should be brought on-site to meet the team and explore the area.
  • The optimal candidate resigned and agreed to start in the position within the client’s desired timeframe, thereby filling a critical position that had stood open for more than 7 months prior to UHCS taking on the project.

Client Testimonial:

Thank you for your team’s assistance in helping us find such a high quality candidate! He has such an excellent set of expertise and experience and will be a great fit with our team. We can’t thank you enough for all your help!” – Heather Findlay, COO at Family Health Centers

For how we may help you, please email Tim Mulvaney, CEO of UHC Solutions : Tim@uhcsolutions.com

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