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New Chief Dental Officer expands FQHCs community outreach in a California farm community

The Client Challenge

An existing FQHC client that UHC had conducted numerous placements for called upon us when their ever-growing dental operation simply outgrew the existing dental leader.  Growth, complexity and an expanding geographical footprint called for a very special oral health leader.

How UHC Solutions Was Able to Help

UHC went to work and scoured the nation for someone that could manage a residency program, see patients for a couple days a week and be an administrator that was not just fixated on production, but seeing the situation from the patient’s viewpoint.  Those patients ranged from rural health workers to homeless to veterans and all needed help in this California farm community.   After an exhaustive search, UHC discovered someone with all the requisite experience.  The new CDO used his 30+ years of progressive responsibility to now make a difference in this community.    This high-caliber leader recently turned to us to find him someone that can manage his newly developing pediatric residency program that will help the younger population better its oral health for years to come.

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