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Overcome the Summer Slump With These Motivation Tips

While most employees start off strong, according to studies, the six-month mark shows a decline in productivity that can continue to slide for years. Globally, employee engagement is only 15%. The cost to American businesses is steep, at $350 billion per year in lost productivity or about $2,246 per employee.

It’s clear that motivation matters; disengaged employees take more sick time, show up late, miss deadlines, complain and can cause problems with customers. Turnover rates are higher overall and the workplace generally suffers culturally. Fortunately, we have some tips to help your organization overcome any summer slumps that may occur.

1. Increase participation

Workers in any industry, including healthcare, prefer to be involved in their work. They want to know their efforts matter and the work means something to the organization, and the patients or customers they serve. Do your employees have the autonomy to manage their work effort, in effect “owning” their workflows enough to improve their performance? To engage employees, have candid conversations and ask them how they think the job could better help the people they serve.

2. Share the wealth

Nothing motivates like even a small salary or hourly increase. When was the last time the organization evaluated pay, benefits and other perks? These are easy areas to motivate employees for a quick fix this summer.

3. Improve culture and camaraderie

There’s no “I” in team, so employees that are performing well individually may be disengaged from the overall team environment. Did you know studies show that having a best friend at work can help with employee motivation and retention? A motivated workforce is one where team camaraderie is constant.

4. Create recognition programs

No matter how self-effacing a worker appears, everyone enjoys public recognition of a job well done. While constructive criticism in private is important, public praise will increase an individual’s work morale

5. Identify organizational purpose

Communicating why the work is being accomplished is imperative, particularly in healthcare. Most employees are motivated strongly by a desire to reach an overarching goal. An organizational mission that is communicated clearly and reinforced regularly will help people understand why the job is more than just a paycheck.

6. Review policies and procedures

Healthcare organizations, or other types of businesses, can kill motivation by coming down with heavy-handed policies and procedures that can demotivate and silo employees. Take time to review HR policies and interdepartmental rules that could stifle creativity and kill employee motivation.

Don’t Squash Employee Motivation

Far too often we know that managers can inadvertently dampen the motivation of their staff. This holds true in every industry, including healthcare. Even highly educated professionals like doctors and nurses can suffer from lack of motivation and experience burnout. Verify your management team isn’t feeding demotivational behaviors and contributing to the people you’re trying to solve.

UHC Solutions is here to help you maximize your team performance. Our leading recruiters help the healthcare industry find talent, placing the best leaders and staff in Federally Qualified Health Centers around the country. Start the conversation today.


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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.