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Ready to Advance Your Healthcare Career? Build a Relationship With Your Boss

While class divides are, for the most part, a thing of the past, there is still one area of life with a distinct separation between those who lead and those who are led: business. Is there value in trying to break through that barrier and build a personal relationship with your boss? If you’re looking to advance your career, the answer is a resounding yes!

With good reason, business leaders are more likely to promote someone they know and trust than to invest in an unknown player. The important question, therefore, is how can you become their most trusted employee? Use these tips to build your employer’s confidence in your skills and character.

How to build a relationship with your boss

1. Show up before them

Showing up late for work will get your boss’ attention, but it won’t be the type of attention you want. In contrast, those who are there bright and early, even before the boss shows up, are the ones who are remembered by those in charge. In addition, clocking in early means you’ll be first in line for any potential assignments and, therefore, more likely to get a chance to prove yourself. Perhaps most importantly, you get to take advantage of the low-pressure first few minutes of the day. In these few minutes, before the day becomes hectic and stressful, you’ll have a chance to get to know your boss as a person (and vice versa).

2. Learn their communication style

Some people enjoy getting into the minute details of every problem; in contrast, many prefer a rapid, terse summary of the situation. If your communication style doesn’t match up with your employer’s, your interactions with them will be frustrating and ineffective. Since there are few things successful leaders enjoy less than being frustrated and inefficient, it’s vital you craft your conversations in a tone that fits their expectations. Remember, your boss rose to their position because their leadership style was successful, so molding your communication to their preferences is the best way to follow their lead.

3. Be available

If you’re unable to cope with your current workload, how can you be expected to take on increased responsibilities? When a new assignment lands on the table, be the first one to reach for it. While you should be careful not to overextend yourself to the point that your performance will suffer, showing your willingness to work hard will earn your boss’ trust.

4. Ask for guidance

Every manager is faced with the same problem: While it’s their responsibility to provide sound leadership to every one of their subordinates, there is a limit to how much time they can dedicate to each one. Your goal is to show them that you deserve their time and attention, and the first step is to ask. Leaders place great value on those who want to learn and improve (and knowing you respect their input is a welcome ego boost). Though you should be careful not to pester them with anything that doesn’t deserve their attention, bringing important issues to their attention ensures you remain on the same page. If they do take you under their wing, you’ll do your career a huge favor.

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