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What to Expect at the Upcoming 2018 Community Health Institute and EXPO

From August 24-28, 2018, healthcare leaders from across the nation will converge on Orlando, Florida, for the year’s biggest community health conference: The 2018 Community Health Institute and EXPO. With nearly a week’s worth of in-depth seminars from industry leaders, the gathering is one of the most significant educational and networking opportunities of 2018. Are you wondering what to expect from the EXPO? Here are some of our predicted highlights.

Highlights of the 2018 Community Health Institute and EXPO

  • Increased emphasis on population health metrics

Smart executives know that information is power, and in 2018, accurate information is more readily available than ever before. Whether you’re recruiting new talent, soliciting donors for an ambitious project or evaluating potential policy changes, you need accurate numbers to back up your position. Is your organization using the right tools to collect, parse and interpret your community’s health metrics? Expect this year’s CHI & EXPO to enlighten you.

  • In-depth projections for grants and capital flows

Before making any major plans for your facility, you need to ask one big question: Where’s the money coming from? With strong leadership and the right team, proper funding can turn an impossible dream into a massive success. With public attention focused heavily on behavioral health and substance abuse, it’s reasonable to expect much public grant money to be funneled into related programs, and you can expect the EXPO to have a strong focus on these subjects.

  • A positive tone

With growth in the funding available to community health programs and the recent extension of CHIP funding, FQHCs are well-placed for a bright future. As such, it’s an exciting time to be involved at the bleeding edge of the industry, and you can expect the tone of the conference to reflect that momentum.

  • Focus on quality initiatives

As FQHCs take on a larger role in community-based health care, you can expect close scrutiny of the quality of your services. How can you improve care metrics, raise patient satisfaction, and guarantee your government funding? EXPO seminars will help you institute quality initiatives with these goals in mind.

For more industry insights and help with your executive staffing program, stop by UHC Solutions’ Booth #325 at the upcoming conference. If you’d like to get started crafting a recruitment strategy today, contact one of our top healthcare recruiters to learn where to begin.

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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.