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Why Diversity in Your FQHC Matters

The term “diversity” often makes Americans first think of race or skin color. However, it encompasses a host of demographic, economic and geographic characteristics as well as gender, financial resources, sexual orientation and much more. Why is this important?

Diversity in general matters, but in an FQHC it is even more important. That’s because the healthcare providers in these facilities must understand the experiences of their patients in order to provide more effective care. But studies also show the most innovative organizations promote inclusivity in their hiring practices. Diversity has even been correlated with increased financial revenues.

How can diversity benefit your FQHC?

Improve the Mix of Experiences, Skills and Talents

Everyone within your organization can bring a wealth of benefits that increase their own work performance. Whether it’s a mix of life experiences or job skills, hiring diverse teams can strengthen the overall fabric of the safety net you provide. Together, these skills can prepare your organization for an equally rich mix of patients.

Increase the Likelihood of Innovation

Ernst & Young says that diversity in organizations equates to a healthier bottom line. While one person may have the idea, another may have the actual experience needed to execute it. Diversity strengthens an FQHC and encourages innovation in productivity.

Increase Communication with Your Patients

Having a rainbow of cultural influences in an FQHC means our diverse patient population will be supported. Diversity in hiring decreases the chances of running into language barriers. By having a diverse group of employees, the environment and atmosphere is inviting and comfortable for those of all backgrounds.

Improve the Talent Pool

Today’s job candidates look for diversity and inclusivity in hiring practices. This is particularly true of younger candidates. FQHCs that work to diversify their employee base will continue to attract a wider pool of candidates to the organization. As your talent pool naturally widens, the overall organization will benefit from the successful mix of talent diversity.

Improve Organizational Productivity

A study of more than 1,700 companies showed those that pursued inclusivity in hiring practices were more likely to generate more revenue. The research showed that companies with a more diverse management team have 19% higher revenue. A Forbes article stated, “It shows that diversity is not just a metric to be strived for, it is actually an integral part of a successful revenue generating business.”

Diversity and Your FQHC

Diversity breeds innovation, patient satisfaction, and revenue. It is also simply the morally right thing to do for your organization. At UHC Solutions, we are dedicated to promoting cultures of inclusion in our business – and yours. Contact our executive FQHC recruiters today to explore your options for hiring top talent.



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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.