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3 Common Resume Trends and How to Use Them to Your Advantage

Doesn’t it seem as if the standard resume hasn’t changed in decades? Sure, we’ve added color and figured out how to use keywords, but the reality is there isn’t anything new under the sun when it comes to a resume.

Actually, that’s not true. As a recruiter working in the healthcare industry, we can share that we have seen innovations in resumes that have forced some changes in this age-old tool used to outline a candidate’s background. Here are three of the most common trends we’ve seen over the past few years.

Trend #1 Tailoring Your Resume to Fit the job

Even in a candidate-driven job market, it pays off to take the time to tailor your CV to fit the job you’re applying to. This type of field- or job-specific resume requires effort to create, but the time you spend is worth it. Sending a generic resume for a specific position will not get you hired, even today. The trend now is to tailor your resume to a specific industry or career path.  A common mistake is to produce a general resume that has too many fields of expertise!

To do this, you must do some background research into the job requirements. Consider looking up a similar job on a job board like Indeed to see the most popular requirements that seem to pop up in similar jobs. Then tailor your resume by using some of the same phrases and keywords that you’ve found. You are not “gaming” your resume or ever misrepresenting your strengths; however, you are mapping over your experiences with the attributes that the position calls for.  We asked Tim Mulvaney, CEO of UHC Solutions, about this point, and he stated, “In our recruitment office, we simply ask our candidates to think about, They Want, and I got.” These job ads will help you create a resume that reflects the skills employers are seeking. This will give you a better chance of getting the interview.

Trend #2 Shorten Your Resume

Please don’t make it too long. Doctors will be hard-press to cut out their clinical experience. We’re not suggesting you do. But we are recommending that you shorten the resume to include relevant information.  Tim also states, “It doesn’t matter how long the resume is, as long as it is relevant. Also, each sentence should be bulletized and concise. Providers, ancillaries, and admins should follow the same advice to create a less wordy resume with fewer words but a greater impact.

Hiring managers do not need every detail, but (and see trend #1) they want a level of conciseness that a five-page document may not have. Your goal is to match your skills to the job and tell the employer why your experience and capabilities will help them succeed. Remember to use metrics, comparisons, and actual results with quantifiable numbers whenever possible.

Trend #3 Do Use Social Media

Even doctors have been known to send out a Tweet or two. Social media is your personal and professional advertising platform. Most recruiters and hiring managers scan online posts on Facebook, Instagram, and more to find potential candidates. If you’re in the job market or considering it, an online social media page can help you find the right fit. It gives the interviewer a little sense (sometimes a lot) of your personality. They also allow the hiring team to check to be sure what’s on your resume is also on your profile page.

If you’re thinking about a job search and wondering if your resume will get you noticed, why not reach out to UHC Solutions. We are the nation’s leading placement agency for FQHCs and other community healthcare organizations. We can evaluate your resume and give you some concrete suggestions for staying ahead of these—and other trends. Contact UHC Solutions to find out how we can help keep your healthcare career moving forward.

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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.