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UHC Solutions serves the community healthcare market exclusively.

Matching Mission-Driven Candidates With Community Healthcare Organizations

UHC Solutions serves community healthcare centers by directly recruiting leaders and providers who understand the industry and have a strong desire to make a difference. Our mission is to recruit driven professionals passionate about serving the underserved, underinsured, and marginalized.

Passive recruitment strategies (“Post and Hope,” for example) are simply not producing the quality candidates needed in today’s competitive healthcare markets. The truth is that the best talent is not looking for a new job. That’s why the UHC team goes directly to candidates to identify, recruit, and onboard the “A-players” who can make an immediate impact in any organization.

Does your organization need a specific type of hard-to-find provider? If you’ve been searching for a physician recruitment agency, a dental recruiting agency, or anything in between, look no further. Since 1998, UHC Solutions has been helping our FQHC and community healthcare-focused clients achieve their goals, and we can do the same for you.

Our Promise

We commit to standing by a few key promises:

We will work as a team.

There is no “Market B” for us, so 100% client and candidate satisfaction are always the goal.

We will do the right thing.

It doesn’t matter what that “thing” might be.

We will be the premier provider.

We will be the industry leader in permanent placement FQHC recruitment services for targeted positions.

We will stay balanced.

Ego Dominating (my way or the highway) and Ego Dominated (woe is me) emotions are the enemies of balance. We will work to maintain balanced emotions that lead to healthy behaviors.

We will not give up.

Individually and on a corporate level, we won’t give up until we’ve helped you achieve your goals.

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