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Here are the top seven questions our recruiters are asked:

The organization UHC partners with always pays the service fees with professional executive search. The client pays UHC to identify talent and help them through every step of the interview and onboarding process.

Always. The candidate information is never sent until that person says, “this is an opportunity that I would like to pursue.”

The candidate profile is essentially your “start” button. While what we have in our portfolio today may not be the best “fit” for you right now, it allows us to add you to our database. When an opportunity arises matching the criteria discussed with your UHC Solutions Recruiter, it will bring you to the top of their list.

This varies from client to client, however, on average, most interview processes take 3-4 weeks.

Our primary job as professional recruiters is to find the best possible candidates for our clients; therefore, based on your background and career aspirations, we will work to find you the best match within our client portfolio. However, the time frame to find a good match may vary from days to months, depending on the market and position.

UHC Solutions is successful in working with both candidates and client FQHCs in the employment and visa process. By working closely with Syd Chary, Esq., New York Immigration Attorney, we have the solution to guide the hiring and onboarding of mission-driven candidates going through the process of F1, J1, and other applicable visa statuses to H1B and Permanent Residency.

No, we write your cover letter for you using the information provided in your resume/CV, candidate profile documents, and conversations with your UHC Solutions recruiter.

Yes, you will receive a professional prep/insight session before every step of the interview process to make sure you are as comfortable as possible going into each interview phase.

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