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Your Organization Deserves The Very Best

The best talent isn’t actively looking for a new job. That’s why we go directly to candidates who are currently employed. We identify the right people for your organization, pick up the phone, network, and build relationships with top-tier candidates. You won’t find these individuals on job boards – that’s what makes the executive search for behavioral and mental health professionals, physicians, dentists, managers, and other leadership so difficult to do on your own.

Something this important can’t be left to just any healthcare search firm. Trust the experts who have been placing passionate community healthcare professionals with Federally Qualified Health Centers for more than two decades: UHC Solutions.

Our FQHC recruiters specialize in the following roles:

C-Suite Leadership
Clinic Administration
Finance Leadership
Operations Leadership
Dental Positions
Behavioral Health Positions
Primary Care Physicians
Pharmacy Leadership
Quality, Compliance, and Risk Leadership
HR Leadership
IT Leadership
Other specialized positions -- over $80K base salary

Our Process

Initial Search Assignment Meeting

We’ll meet with the executive team to understand your organization’s culture, goals, hiring process, and individual expectations for each search.

Step 1

Developing Position and Candidate Specifications

A successful search requires a mutually agreed-upon written “attraction-based” description of the company, location, position, objectives, and performance expectations.

Step 2

Build Target Organization List

We will work with you to develop a list of organizations or types of organizations to be targeted during the search.

Step 3

Identify Prospective Candidates

We’ll use our extensive resources to identify and qualify prospective recruits.

Step 4

Screen and Evaluate Candidates

We’ll evaluate and screen candidates through in-depth telephone interviews. Preliminary reference checks are conducted where possible, and credentials are verified. An assessment is made of individual strengths with respect to the position.

Step 5

Present Recruits

We submit a “summary of candidate fundamentals” when presenting final candidates. This contains a summary of professional experience and our analysis and appraisal of the candidate.

Step 6

Reference Checks

We’ll present comprehensive reference checks on finalists.

Step 7

Negotiation of Final Offer and Term

We actively work with the client and the final recruit to negotiate a compensation package and other terms that are agreeable to all parties.

Step 8

Post Search Follow-Up

We’ll communicate periodically with you and the successful hire during the early stages of transition to your organization. This follow-up will assist in the transition of the successful hire into the new job and environment.

Step 9

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