Should Cost of Living Impact My Physician Compensation?

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When it comes to physician compensation, there is a correlation between the cost of living and salary expectations. The goal is to create a comp plan that takes into account the value of the compensation in light of the location … Read More

How is a Second Wave Going to Impact Community Health Centers?

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our shores, some experts wondered if there would be waves of virus spikes, similar to what we’ve seen in other pandemics. It’s unfortunate, but the pattern has held, and the winter months during the pandemic … Read More

Has COVID-19 Impacted Medical School Admissions? How to Prepare.

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Saying COVID-19 changed our world is the biggest understatement of the year, if not the decade. From canceling elective surgeries to viral hotspots, telemedicine, and political controversies over protective gear, COVID-19 has been a tumultuous and difficult experience for all … Read More

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