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How to Recruit Top-Level FQHC Talent That’s Comfortable in their Current Role

The job market for top healthcare professionals is tight right now, it’s safe to assume that your best candidates will all be passive.   The best candidates are almost always passive i.e. they have a job, which means that they’re comfortable in their current positions and are not really looking actively for a new position. Today, about 70% of new employees come from a passive candidate pool. How can you recruit the passive candidate pool into your FQHC? We have some suggestions.

Best Practices to Recruit Passive Healthcare Client

The passive job candidate is a highly desirable target for healthcare recruiters and hiring managers. Passive candidates are motivated, working, and highly desirable to add to your talent pool. How can you reach those candidates who haven’t applied but would be interested in finding out about your organization?

Start with marketing.

Marketing your organization is a good way to set yourself apart. Raising awareness of your brand means that you will share details about what it’s like to work there. You could create social media posts that talk about your mission. You could use blogs to create interest in your facility. Email marketing is also a great tool to reach passive candidates. This should be a consistent part of your organizational task list. Over time you can build your brand in a way that will entice new people to your organization.

Build a strong employee referral program.

Studies show that employee referrals can generate a substantial number of new employees—up to 40%. Referred candidates are hired faster too; 55% faster than non-referred candidates, according to the date. Any time you reduce your time to hire is great—it reduces the pressure on your current teams but also increases organizational productivity. It also helps engage your current employees in the success of the organization by asking their input on who you hire.

Reach out to targeted candidates on LinkedIn.

This is a time-consuming process, but it yields great conversations with passive candidates. You can conduct job-specific searches with keywords culled directly from your job ads. Once you find a candidate that looks like a strong possibility, just simply email them with the message, “Are you considering a change?” You can add a link to your advertisement for the job or your careers page. Try to approach this communication from the perspective of what’s in it for the potential candidate? What are the benefits of working at your FQHC that would entice a potential candidate to come work with you?

Partner with a Healthcare Recruitment Firm

UHC Solutions will draw upon our pool of qualified recruits to help you meet your hiring goals. We work to supplement passive candidates to add to the active healthcare candidate pool who have applied to the job you’ve posted.

UHC Solutions has the skill and experience to both identify more passive healthcare candidates, but to build relationships that keep your hiring funnel full. We are the secret weapon of community healthcare facilities and FQHCs around the U.S. Contact our team of leading FQHC recruiters today.

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