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Prepare for These Healthcare Trends in 2019

Few industries have are affected as dramatically by advances in science and technology as health care. After all, for those who don’t keep up with the trends, even a few months can bring transformative change. Could your facility be at risk of falling behind? Keep watching these healthcare trends to see what changes you can make in the coming year.

Healthcare trends in 2019 – Predictions to keep you at the head of your game

1. Increased use of telehealth services

Though instant gratification may not always be a good thing, health care is one sector that definitively benefits from rapid service. Expanded access to cost-effective telehealth services is one area that is guaranteed to improve your facility’s reach. From convenient translation services to remote diagnosis and prescribing, staying in front of the telehealth wave will be one of the best ways to expand your client base and improve your services in 2019.

2. Improved data collection and interpretation

Evidence-based practice has long been a core value of modern medicine, but the system has always suffered from flaws in data collection and interpretation. In 2019, look for ground-breaking leaps forward in the ways we manage patient information. Already, big data’s major players (including Google) have recognized the potential for machine learning to predict everything from patient outcomes to readmissions and more. As these technologies continue to mature, expect a dramatic shift in the way your facility plans patient care.

3. Advances in individualized health care

Finding the perfect treatment for each individual is one of the biggest hurdles faced by healthcare providers. As advances in pharmacology and genomics make individualized medicine a short-term reality, however, we may be at the edge of an era where medicines and treatments can be custom crafted to meet each patient’s unique needs and physiology. With major conferences just around the corner, expect to hear about exciting advances in this sector before the year is out.

4. Secure and portable medical records

Accurate medical recordkeeping is at the foundation of quality care, but providers often struggle to obtain up-to-date records for their patients, especially in emergency situations. Blockchain technology is only one of the paths that could lead to completely secure and portable records. With data breaches becoming increasingly common (and financially devastating) among healthcare facilities, becoming an early adopter of these technologies might be your next big success.

5. Nationwide legislative changes

With midterm elections barely in our rearview mirror, the effects of upcoming policy changes have yet to be realized. One thing is certain, however; your leadership must be quick to adapt to potential changes in policy, as minute adjustments to current legislation can demand significant upheaval in your facility’s policy.

At UHC Solutions, we specialize in crafting strong leadership teams for healthcare facilities like yours. If you are looking to reshape your executive leadership to be ready for the upcoming year, contact our healthcare recruiters today.

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