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The Year in Review: What Your Health Center Should Leave Behind in 2019

The new year is as much about looking back as looking forward, and reviewing how the last year went is the best way to prepare for what is coming up. Are there parts of your facility’s strategy that should be left in the past? Use these tips to evaluate your health center’s plans for 2019.

1. Review your policies (from the bottom up)

It’s not that your good policies don’t deserve attention. Every leader deserves a pat on the back for a job well done, and even the best strategies can benefit from some subtle tweaks. Regardless, the areas that deserve the most attention are where you and your team tried and failed. Looking at your goals for the last year, ask yourself what didn’t work and, more importantly, why your strategies failed. While some failed strategies and policies can be reshaped and reimplemented, others are most valuable in the only place they are useful: the shredder bin.

2. Identify your goals for the next year

After reviewing your progress over the previous year, you should be able to settle on a clear view of what you hope to accomplish for your health center over the coming months. Strong leadership is needed to keep a large organization on track, so be sure you are clear on what your objectives are and how you hope to achieve them. In addition, make it a point to coordinate with other department heads and leaders, as their insight will be invaluable in making your year a success.

3. Redirect resources with your mission in mind

Successful leadership is not about distributing your energy and resources equally, but distributing them where they are most effective. Though it can be difficult to leave some programs behind, don’t fall victim to the fallacy that you have to keep an initiative alive just because you’ve invested a lot into it already. Lost resources are lost forever, and it’s best to abandon projects that are nothing more than a drain on your facility. Instead, focus all your attention on shoring up areas that are vital to your mission plan.

4. Get your staff on the same page

By nature, health care is a collaborative field, and coordination is needed if your plans are to come off successfully. From day one, therefore, it’s important you present your plans to your facility’s leaders and employees, ensuring all goals are clearly understood. Since dissenting voices can damage both morale and productivity, make sure that concerns are handled quickly and decisively.

Great visions require great teams

We want to help you build a team that is in line with your mission for your health center. UHC Solutions provides executive-level recruiting services to community health centers across the nation, and we’d like to use our 20 years of experience to help your facility meet its goals for the coming year – and beyond! To start crafting a recruiting plan for your facility, contact our top healthcare recruiters today.


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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.