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Why dentists love working at FQHCs

Federally Qualified Health Centers continue on their primary mission of “serving the underserved” patient populations in America.  With over 25 million patients served today, the demand for dental providers has never been greater.

Today, UHC Solutions strives to do their part in assisting these centers all across the country in rural, major metro and highly remote locations in order to find and hire mission-driven, qualified, and highly capable dental leaders as well as staff providers.  As we are in the market daily, we have noticed a common theme from our successful community health care dentists and attribute this success to understanding the benefits of beginning or transitioning your dental career with a community health center.

According to the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) the highest contributing factor to joining a FQHC was an intrinsic desire to join the mission of serving the underserved.  There are volumes of evidence that working for a CHC is both rewarding and satisfying to a health care provider’s drive to help others. These opportunities combine financial stability with a provider’s fulfillment of their personal values.

This career provides a quality of life that is unprecedented for a clinician; with no on call hours, generous PTO, paid holidays and standard business working hours.  The younger, early career dentists have the opportunity to receive government loan repayment, a guaranteed base salary, and full medical/dental benefits to provide stability as they grow both clinically and professionally under the guidance of an experienced dental leader. To learn more about the benefits of working for a FQHC please reach out to your trusted FQHC advisers here at UHC Solutions as we continue to build high performance dental teams at Community Health Centers all across the country.

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