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How to Become an Impact Player at Your FQHC

Though teamwork is at the foundation of every successful business, leadership and vision come from a singular source. When entire markets have been controlled by a few big-name billionaires – Jobs, Bezos, Musk – it becomes clear that one mind can leave a lasting mark on a company. How can you turn yourself into an impact player at your healthcare facility?

Key Traits of an Impact Player

Though a solid work ethic is key to long-term success in your career, leadership roles aren’t given simply to those with the best “nose to the grindstone” mindset. Though the qualities needed to gain the respect of your peers and superiors are complex, cultivating them is within your reach.


If you study your market carefully, you’ll be alert to current trends and able to develop new strategies for your health center. Since FQHCs exist in a niche market, the field is wide open for clever minds to innovate and drive growth. Keep your leadership team up to date on relevant trends and market forces, and your efforts will soon pay off.

Listen to Your Staff and Clients

While aspiring executives imagine they will be focused largely on “big picture” issues, the reality is that effective leaders pay just as much attention to the minutia of their business as they do to national and worldwide trends. Do your current policies work? Are your patients and employees happy? Digging deep into patient satisfaction surveys and employee reviews will help you identify your weaknesses and is the best way to make a lasting impact. If you obsess over every tiny detail that can improve the patient’s experience, both they and your organization’s leaders will take note.

Follow Your Company’s Vision

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease; well, in business, sometimes the squeaky wheel gets cut off and replaced. Your facility’s CEO and board already have a vision that suits their current business plan. Rather than trying to make your mark by pointing out flaws, make yourself stick out with some outstanding contributions to their vision. As you gain experience executing the team’s plan, you gain the respect and confidence of your facility’s leaders.

Be the Positive Voice on the Team

An impact player is someone the rest of the team can rally around and who inspires their peers; critical and negative voices will never be able to fill this role. Since negative talk lowers morale and productivity, one of the most significant impacts you can make is learning to control the tone of your workplace. Though constructive criticism is good for growth, unfair complaints can tear a business apart. When handling negative players, you could acknowledge and thank them for their perspective, then steer them onto a more positive path.

What qualities make you a meaningful player on your team? At UHC Solutions, we’re dedicated to matching talented leaders with exciting healthcare facilities that need their skills and vision. To learn more about our executive placement services, contact a healthcare recruiter today.

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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.