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3 Characteristics to Hire for in Challenging Times

We are certainly living in what most organizations would consider “challenging times.” From the COVID crisis canceling elective surgeries to continued quarantines, to the global pandemic itself, we’ve been traveling a rocky road over the past year and a half. This kind of volatility calls for hiring people with the right mix of skills to withstand it. Here are three characteristics to look for during challenging times

1. Extreme Focus

Extreme focus is a soft skill that turns the semi-pros into the major leaguers. The best surgeons have it. ER doctors exhibit it at the top of their game and in the most stressful situations. But extreme focus can come into play for an administrator or a back-office biller. Using your extreme focus to make each patient feel welcome is also a skill that could help your organization. Extreme focus means that all the extraneous chaff falls away so that whatever task you’re undertaking or problem you’re troubleshooting gets your full and complete attention. If you can find individuals exhibiting this trait, you’ve also found an A-player.

2. Strong Faith

We are not talking about faith in a higher power, instead, we mean confidence in one’s abilities. For healthcare workers, the practice of medicine sometimes does require a leap of faith. You must believe in your skills, experience, training, and the data at your fingertips to make sometimes split-second decisions about patient care. For community healthcare workers, they must also have faith in their vision of service and mission to serve the underserved. The best healthcare workers, whether they are clinical or administrative, must have faith in their team for true collaboration and workforce efficiency to occur. Finally, they must believe, somewhere inside themselves, that things you are making a positive difference, both for their patients and for themselves.

3. Extra Effort

Healthcare is the one profession that typically doesn’t experience the lack of engagement the rest of the business world struggles with. Most healthcare workers are willing to put in the extra effort it takes to provide care. Particularly lately, with so many challenges related to COVID-19. For your clinical teams, they had to exhibit the extra effort it took to pursue an advanced degree. Most healthcare roles are not able to be short cut either through their delivery or in the effort it takes to obtain licensure. Healthcare, particularly the clinical skills, are not developed in an instant, but through the extra effort and care necessary to ultimately deliver high quality care and caring that your patients deserve.

Exceptional candidates exhibit extreme focus, strong faith in themselves, and extra effort. These skills are also apparent in the recruiting teams at UHC Solutions. We offer your team:

  • The extreme focus it takes to fill even the most elusive position in your organization.
  • Strong faith in our abilities, in our team, and in our partnership.
  • The extra effort it takes to find talent in today’s scarcity-driven markets.

Finding healthcare talent today is extremely challenging and highly rewarding. It’s even harder recruiting into community healthcare organizations. However, UHC Solutions exhibits these three skills every day and it sets us apart from our competitors. To start the conversation, contact us today.


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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.