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4 Things Healthcare Executives Want to Know Before Accepting a New Job

At UHC Solutions we’ve placed hundreds of clinicians in healthcare facilities. We’ve found that doctors, administrators, and clinical teams have some of the same common questions they ask before taking a new job. We work hard to answer these questions carefully so the healthcare workers we place know exactly what their new role will be like. Let’s look at four things healthcare workers ask about before signing off on a new job.

Question #1: Show me the money.

Understanding the salary and bonus structures of the position is important whether you have M.D. or M.A. behind your name. Discussing the salary or hourly wage along with any bonuses or other opportunities to advance is a crucial conversation for any job candidate. However, it’s important to recognize there are other benefits that come with a challenging role in the healthcare field. Discussing the full salary and benefits package is an important part of the hiring process. What kind of vacation time is available along with other benefits of taking on the role? The negotiation process is a crucial part of any new job offer, particularly for candidates in highly sought-after positions like healthcare. Having the conversation about these touchy issues as part of the hiring process is important to ensure the candidate is a good fit for the position.

Question #2 What is the culture like?

Community health center culture is unlike any other arena in the healthcare field. Each facility has a different work environment, and it’s important to share it with the candidate as part of the hiring process. We try to help healthcare workers understand what their co-workers are like, what the day-to-day work will be like, and what the mission of the organization and its goals are. Understanding all these things will help the employee meld quickly into the existing environment and adapt to the workflow long term.

Question #3 What kind of work-life balance will I have?

Work-life balance is a hot topic today, and with community health centers being particularly mission-centric, healthcare workers want to know if these organizations can afford them the kind of work-life balance they would get at a nonprofit hospital or for-profit ambulatory site. The answer is as unique as the organization, however, with burnout running high in the healthcare profession, this is a very important question that must be answered before the new employee comes on board.

Question #4 How will performance be measured?

Will you be measured individually or as part of a team – or both? What metrics or goals has the organization set? Candidates should always ask questions about an organization’s bottom line because that has a direct correlation to staff income. What kinds of budget-trimming requirements are in effect or anticipated? Another important question is do doctors or other clinical teams have a seat at the table for organizational decision making? Employees can also ask whether mentorship is available as well as support to renew professional credentials or learn new skills?

With over 21 years of experience, we know the market. Every health center is different, and our expert recruiters have worked closely FQHCs across the country to deliver the answers you need. UHC Solutions is standing by to help clinical candidates find the right opportunity to fit their needs. Talk with our healthcare executive recruiters today about your next career move.


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