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Are You Ready for a New Job? Answer These Questions

If it’s been a while since you’ve conducted a job search, your resume, along with your interview skills, may be rusty or incomplete. Even for a highly credentialed nurse manager or doctor, the job search process can feel stressful. In many cases, you may not have the luxury of a slow job search while you’re still employed. Healthcare workers can be laid-off, too, and when this happens the inclination may be to immediately update your resume with generic information to get it on the market quickly. However, there are a few things you should do before going on the market to prepare for a new job.

What Type of Job Do You Want?

Depending on your skillset you may be able to quickly replace your old job with a number of choices for employment. The demand for skilled healthcare workers is at an all-time high, and; the nursing and doctor shortage will only exacerbate this need. But please take the time to give thought to the kinds of healthcare practices you would like to work in. Start your job search by targeting the types of facilities you’d like to work for. Give thought to why you are a good fit both clinically and culturally before sending out a resume. If you’re working with a recruiter like UHC Solutions, this is a natural part of the job search process.

Have You Updated Your Social Media Presence?

Hiring managers usually Google your name before the interview to find out what kind of information is out there on social media. It’s good practice for you to do this first before you even send out a CV. What reviews of your practice exist on social media? What are you posting on your personal pages?

What is Your Personal Brand?

If you haven’t embraced the idea of a personal brand, you probably should consider it. Personal branding allows you to share some of your personality including how you collaborate with a team or how you lead organizations. Personal branding should mirror the kinds of posts you share and should permeate any materials you share with employers, including your LinkedIn profile. A personal brand conveys your unique value to an organization as well as your skills. Ask yourself what business and personal attributes you bring to the organization. Then use content and social media to share this image of yourself and your skills.

Are You Using Your Networks?

There are hidden jobs out there that never make it to a job board. Most organizations plan for high-level clinical executive searches years in advance of posting an ad. Your industry connections may give you an inside track on some terrific opportunities, but only if you work your networks. While this may not be something that comes naturally to you, resources are available that can help. UHC Solutions is the nation’s leading staffing agency devoted to community healthcare. Talk with our team about how our networks and healthcare industry connections can benefit your career switch. Contact us our leading recruiters today.



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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.