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Benefits of Using a Recruiter to Source Behavioral Health Executives


Finding the right behavioral healthcare executive for your organization doesn’t have to feel like searching for a need in a haystack. These roles are hard to fill but in no way impossible if you have the right network to inform your search efforts. Unfortunately, in-house hiring teams rarely have the time to spend building their networks in the same way professional healthcare recruiters can. That’s just a sample of the kind of benefits a recruiting firm offers when you’re looking for a behavioral healthcare executive. Here are some more benefits.

Conduct Efficient Interviews

Finding the right behavioral healthcare recruiting firm means that you will work with a partner that is experienced in the field. These recruiting firms send you a better-quality candidate because they know the right questions to ask. Unlike a generic recruiting firm, healthcare staffing agencies understand the regulatory and clinical environment that the behavioral health executive will be involved in. Knowing the workplace environment is critical to ensuring that the interview process will be efficient.

Improve Your Time to Hire

It’s hard these days to find talent, but particularly in the healthcare industry. The problem is two sides to the same coin; even before COVID, the need for mental health and substance abuse services was high, with one in five in the U.S. seeking treatment. But the second side of the coin is that most primary care and specialty providers are in short supply. Projections show we will be 250,000 short in fulfilling the need for clinical workers in the next five years.

The good news is that behavioral health staffing companies can improve your time to hire. Instead of focusing on the myriad tasks that most healthcare organizations labor under, these professional teams do one thing—find you talent. This means they’ll save you time and improve how quickly you are able to find the right fit for your behavioral health needs.

Sell Your Benefits to Skilled Technicians

These days every healthcare recruiting effort takes some sales skill. That’s because the competition is fierce for the top industry talent. There simply aren’t enough healthcare workers to go around! In healthcare, recruiting leverages an element of the professional sales rep in that the benefits of your position need to be made clear if you want to attract the best in clinical talent. HR teams and hiring managers aren’t used to this process and may lack the skills necessary to entice the best behavioral health executives to your team.

Save Time and Money

Recruiters spend a massive amount of time working to cultivate relationships with active and passive candidates in the healthcare field. Not only does this allow them to bring you a ready-made pool of candidates to interview, it saves you an enormous amount of time. Most HR teams in healthcare organizations can barely keep up with regulatory changes let alone hiring, training, orientation, credentialing, payroll—the list is endless. Working with a partner to help you find talent is a logical step for healthcare in-house teams that are stretched to their limits.

UHC Solutions provide staffing excellence to community healthcare organizations. We help our partner-clients source, screen, and hire some of the best talent in the nation. Whether it’s a behavioral healthcare executive, a primary care physician, or a healthcare business analyst, we can help you meet your staffing goals. Contact us today to realize the benefits of working with our team.


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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.