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Best Practices for Writing Successful Job Postings That Get Results!

To prospective candidates, a job posting is the first impression they will have of an organization. This introduction to an employer, especially in healthcare’s high-demand employment market, is crucial and should be the very best it can be. So, how does a healthcare organization write a job posting that will deliver?

Need to Hire? The Best Practices for Writing a Successful Job Posting

Keep It Simple, but Give Enough Detail to Pique Interest  

A job posting should be simple and to the point. It should be easy to read and concise. Avoid flowery language and never-ending sentences. However, while a job posting should be simple, there should be enough detail in the posting to pique the candidate’s interest and also ensure they fully understand the fundamentals of the job. Additionally, by keeping a job posting simple, it will attract a broader candidate pool and increase the posting’s success rate.

Highlight What You Have to Offer: Sell Your Benefits

Features tell, but benefits sell. Thus, provide transparency on the benefits you are offering. By highlighting benefits in a job posting, it will provoke interest from prospective candidates, ultimately starting a conversation.

Dare to Be Different and Stand Out

Venture to be different! Highlight awards such as workplace recognition (best places to work awards) or provider awards (such as magazine rankings or community service awards.) Also, discuss unique events the organization runs or participates in such as community outreach projects, food drives and employee appreciation lunches. It is essential to use a job posting to show prospective candidates why your organization stands above the rest!

Visual Appeal: Think Like a Marketing Expert

When assembling a job posting, it is vital to grab the attention of prospective candidates quickly. Typically, a candidate will spend about 30 seconds looking at a posting before deciding to read more or move on to the next posting. With this in mind, the use of visual graphics is a helpful strategy. Most candidates would rather not read a dense two-page job description devoid of color or distractions, but most candidates will take up to two minutes to take a closer look at a visually appealing “marketing” piece.

Moving Beyond the Job Posting

Job postings are the first impression for prospective candidates. It is critical they provide the best representation of an organization, especially in high-demand markets like healthcare. When crafting a job posting, an organization should keep it simple, sell their benefits, be different and utilize basic visual marketing strategies in order to gain interest.

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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.