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Trust the Process: Successful Chief Executive Officer Search in Wisconsin

The Client Challenge

An $18MM FQHC in central Wisconsin was under duress. They had morale issues, recruitment and retention challenges and were under fire by the local press that was skewering them for poor patient quality ratings. The board turned to UHC as their search partner for a new CEO. They wanted to hire a firm that had access to candidates that truly understood the community healthcare market and was familiar with these types of problems. They also needed assistance with the process. They did not have the internal staff nor experience to manage the complexities of identifying, interviewing, negotiating and on-boarding talent at this level.

How UHC Solutions Was Able to Help

UHC Solutions went to work following a step by step process that has been honed over 19 years. By holding the board and themselves accountable to a pre-determined project plan, a candidate slate of 5 motivated and qualified candidates were recruited, professionally packaged, accepted by the board and put into the interview/recruitment process. Each of these candidates had experience in the particular problem areas that the clinic was facing. After two rounds of interviews one candidate stood out as clearly superior and was made an offer. This individual has hit the deck running by improving morale and patient quality in every measurable category. He is now indoctrinated into the community and making a difference in population health.

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