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Unbothered By The Cold: How UHC Placed a Chief Medical Officer at an FQHC in Anchorage, AK

The Client Challenge

An FQHC in Anchorage, AK knew that recruiting a CMO to Alaska would not be an easy task.  They reached out to UHC and stated that they had an upcoming resignation and that this was a “mission critical” C-Suite position that needed professional and direct recruitment.  They were not seeing any candidates from internal referrals and postings more less anyone that was suitable.

How UHC Solutions Was Able to Help

UHC took an approach of recruiting in rural and semi-rural states in the northern United States. The team was looking for someone that would not be intimidated by some long cold nights.  The winning candidate was from the Colorado Rockies and not only loved the job, but also moved his family to Anchorage with all relishing the adventure.  Today they are successfully indoctrinated into the community while this physician leader makes a difference in local and state healthcare.

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