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Case Study — How UHC Solutions Was Able to Help

As a 22-year-old healthcare recruiting firm specializing in community healthcare recruitment, UHC Solutions had the expertise to not only know what this person looked like, but also how to find and point out what a great opportunity the client had to offer.

A simple posting did not do the various opportunities justice. There was a lot of personal and professional growth for the “right person” in this patient centric community health center, therefore prospects needed to be sought out and directly presented with the benefits.

The Process

To begin the process, UHC compiled an initial candidate target list of 962 candidates in the Greater San Francisco Bay area. This pool was culled down to 141 candidates that were both motivated and qualified for one of the opportunities. After making contact with this group, 41 viable recruits were identified as a match. After further “discovery” of our clients specific needs in the role, the UHC Solutions search team submitted 17 “center of the target” candidates.

Client Testimonial:

“Thank you for your team’s assistance in helping us find such a high-quality slate of candidates! We found each to have an excellent set of expertise and experience. The awarded candidates will be a great fit with our team. We can’t thank you enough for all your help!”

– Ryan Gardner, Chief Clinical Admin Officer at Bonita House, Inc.

The End Result

UHC Solutions Efficiently Develops a Unique Crisis Response Team. Download our eBook to learn how!

Learn how to:

  • Recruit and utilize both behavioral health specialists in conjunction with the county’s first responders.
  • Free up valuable resources.
  • Find mission driven behavioral health professionals that would thrive in a fast paced environment working directly to where help is needed most.

This is one of many scenarios in which UHC Solutions provides customized recruitment services.


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