As the premier community healthcare recruiters in the country, our team is very active within the NACHC (National Association of Community Health Centers) network.  Our goals are your goals….building capacity while improving the health of the communities served.  It has never be easy. It will be a continuous challenge for the community healthcare system in the coming years. With close to 30 million patients served today and a goal of 50 million in the next decade, the demand for healthcare leaders, providers, and other mission driven professionals has never been greater! Passive recruitment strategies, such as “Post and Hope,” are simply not producing the candidate choices needed in today’s competitive healthcare markets.

Over the past 23 years, our recruiting focus for clients serving predominately the Medicare/Medicaid patient census has produced numerous success stories. The best talent is not looking for a new job. We are your traditional headhunters, meaning we go direct to candidates who are currently employed.  We identify, recruit and onboard the “A-Players” who can make an immediate impact in your organization. We pick up the phone, make the calls, network and build relationships with top tier candidates you will not find on the job boards or in responses to postings. By virtually every measure this trend will not only continue, but accelerate.

Our team is focused on directly recruiting leaders and providers who “get it” and who have a strong desire to make a difference.  Since 1998, UHC has a track record of success helping our FQHC and community healthcare focused clients.  Our value is to recruit healthcare professionals who are mission driven, have a passion for serving the underserved and are ALSO willing to work within a non-profit compensation structure.

We are FQHC Recruiters that specialize in the following:

  • C-Suite Leadership
  • Finance Leadership
  • Operations Leadership
  • Quality, Compliance, and Risk Leadership
  • Dental Leadership and Staff Dentists
  • Behavioral Health Leadership
  • IT Leadership
  • HR Leadership
  • Nurse Leadership
  • Clinic Administration
  • Pharmacy Leadership
  • Other specialized positions over $80K base salary