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Do I Have to Pay to Work with a Healthcare Recruiter?


If you’ve never used a healthcare recruiter, you may be wondering how they can benefit your job search. It may seem risky to trust your professional career to a “head hunter.” How much does this process costs? What are the benefits and risks of working with a healthcare recruiter? We have answers to these and other commonly asked questions about healthcare recruiting firms and the professionals behind their walls.

Do I Have to Pay a Fee?

In most instances, the candidate does not pay the fee of the healthcare recruiter. Typically, the hospital or clinical facility your’ placed in pays the fee.

What Does a Healthcare Recruiter Do?

Healthcare recruiters specialize in connecting healthcare professionals with healthcare jobs at some of the leading institutions in the country. Recruiting and hiring are time-consuming tasks; many times healthcare organizations reach out to recruiting firms to supplement their internal teams during the search process. Often these relationships are established over years of trust, nurturing, and a shared commitment to meet the hiring goals of the institution.

Can I Be Sure the Recruiter Understands my Field?

Most healthcare recruiting firms specialize in one or two key areas. For example, UHC Solutions works within the community health arm of the healthcare profession. This allows recruiters to dive deeply into the specialty area, become an expert in career-tracked positions and the complex world of healthcare.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Healthcare Recruiter?

If you select the right recruiter, they truly become your partner in the healthcare search. Look for recruiters that spend time investing in understanding you and your goals. You are much more than a resume, and the best benefit of a healthcare recruiter is that they get to know you and represent you to future employers. They, in effect, do all of the legwork, trotting your resume out to potential employers. When they find the right match, you step in and conduct the interview, which the recruiter will set up for you.

Healthcare recruiters have extensive networks within the industry that you do not. This means they know about positions well before they are advertised. This is particularly true of executive positions that are planned for well in advance in many cases.

Are There Risks Associated with Working with Healthcare Recruiters?

The biggest risk when working with a healthcare recruiter is that you will select a generalist who isn’t skilled in the nuances of the specialty arm you exist within. Look for recruiters who specialize so that you know your skills will be both understood d and well represented. Your recruiter can become an extension of your work to find a better opportunity, but only if you chose well and establish a strong partnership with that person.

For healthcare candidates seeking opportunities in community health, there is simply no better partnership than UHC Solutions. We are industry-recognized as experts in this field, specializing in placing candidates with the best community health organizations in the country. Contact us today for a confidential conversation to get to know us.

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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.