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Employer Branding Tips to Retain and Recruit Top-Level Talent

From a recruiting perspective, it’s the talent that just comes to you that is the icing on the hiring cake. Employer branding can help your organization stand out as an employment destination that attracts highly talented candidates. If you do this well, branding can help you attract top talent naturally. Here are times for employer branding that will make candidates stand up and take notice of your healthcare facility.

Branding for Healthcare Organizations

The competition for healthcare talent is at an all-time high. Recruiters spend weeks scouring networks, reaching out to clinical providers, and basically pounding the pavement to ensure that enough talent is found to fill your overwhelming need for clinical and administrative talent.

Ultimately, however, it’s how your organization is branded that will or will not attract the best candidates to your facility. Branding is a process of creating an image in the marketplace of your culture, your mission, and values. To attract candidates even in the most competitive markets, you must actively work to brand your organization as the healthcare destination of choice for all clinical and non-clinical staff. Here are a few tips for how to do this:

Market your company mission and values.

Community healthcare providers offer a real mission of service that many other for-profit and non-profit facilities alike, simply do not. This mission-driven focus is an attractant for the right type of candidate who believes strongly in serving the underserved community beyond just making a steady income. We know that having an overarching mission will engage your existing employees but it’s also enticing for candidates who are seeking to give something back to the world. Having a mission to serve an underserved population is a value proposition that will attract more candidates to your organization. Your branding efforts should strongly feature this mission-driven work in every social post, brochure, on your website, and in video.

Build a culture focused on your employees.

In addition to being patient-centric as part of your mission, you should also focus strongly on taking care of your employees by being staff and provider-centric. Building an employee-focused culture is critical to attracting more top talent to your organization. To do this, you must create programs that benefit your team members. Community healthcare facilities are known for offering better work/life balance for their clinical staff, but you would be surprised how many residents don’t understand this when they are searching for a professional position. If you offer work/life balance, talk about it. Talk about your on-the-job training programs and how you promote from within. Consider that marketing your organization to recruits is in some ways a sales job. You must first build an employee-first culture, but then not forget to share that culture to build a positive brand with candidates.

Invite current employees to participate in your recruitment efforts.

We don’t mean just during the interview process, either. Talk with your current employees about promoting your open jobs on social media. Interview your teams and create videos that show candidates why it’s great to work in your organization. Set up a paid or otherwise incentivized referral program and encourage your employees to build your brand by reaching out to their networks to see who they know.

UHC Solutions actively works each day to build the brands of our client healthcare facilities. Talk with our team today about how we can help you attract more candidates to your organization.


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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.