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4 Ways You Can Encourage a Positive Company Culture at Your Health Center

Is it ironic that we want to talk about creating a healthy culture at a care facility devoted to sick people? Of course not. Healthcare workers deserve a positive company culture whether they work in a private solo practice, an FQHC, a hospital, or anywhere care is given. There are signs now that are healthcare workers are stressed and burning out, so creating a positive culture at your facility will help alleviate some of these serious public health concerns.

How can healthcare teams lessen stress and create a more positive culture to work in?

Positive Culture is a Best Practice

1. Healthy workplace

A positive culture is a best practice every business should emulate. The American Nurses Association (ANA) suggests that a healthy employee “focuses actively on creating and maintaining a balance and synergy of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, personal, and professional well-being.” So, let’s start with the idea of creating a workplace that promotes physical health as a part of a positive culture. Healthcare facilities can create group and individual activities focused on health. This could include walking clubs that meet a few times a week or providing employees access to the gym as part of their benefits package. It can also include healthier food in the cafeteria and private rooms where staff can go to decompress.

2. Creating collaboration

Creating a strong culture of collaboration can begin with the design of a mentorship program for new employees. It’s a good way to bring employees in and welcome them as part of the team. You can also structure teambuilding exercises into training and orientation to bond your employees together into a more cohesive collaborative team.

3. Maintain a positive culture with social events

Building culture after work can include social outings of all kinds. They can be annual picnics or in-house potlucks, happy hours, or some other form of a group event that can allow teams to decompress together. Whether the event is workers-only or suitable for families, after-hours, or in the building, social events are designed to bring people together in a more relaxed setting where they can get to know each other as people and just coworkers. That’s key to creating a more positive company culture.

4. Create an employee recognition program

Shining a positive spotlight on your employee’s successes is a crucial way to build a more positive culture. Even small achievements can be applauded and recognized. This is a way to emphasize positive achievements and reinforce their importance across the organization. From inter-departmental contests to recognizing better customer care to the traditional “employee of the month,” sharing the successes of individuals and teams will create healthy competition that will bump up the level of professionalism and create excitement and fun in the organization.

Generally speaking, the more you reward your employees for positive behaviors, the more they will strive to exhibit more of them. It’s a self-fulfilling circle of positive reinforcement that will create a ripple effect across your corporate culture.

However, sometimes healthcare organizations fail to improve the work environment. If you are in an organization where the cultural fit isn’t solid, talk to our team. We can help.

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