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How Might an FQHC Specialized Staffing Partner Help Reduce Your Hiring Costs?

Healthcare is an extremely difficult field to staff for. The demand for healthcare expertise is very high. From support roles to doctors, nurses to x-ray techs—all of these positions are in demand. With a severe staffing shortage and thousands of roles, most HR teams do not have the time to proactively seek out potential candidates. But in this market, that’s exactly what it takes.

In the FQHC world, there are even greater challenges associated with filling roles in the community health space. Many of these centers of excellence are in rural or poor urban communities. In many cases, they do not have the financial resources to outbid a larger and more urban competitor.

When a healthcare job remains unfilled, it costs organizations a heavier burden on their existing staff. Finding talent costs time and money you don’t have. That’s exactly where a specialized FQHC recruiter can help.

How an FQHC Recruiter Saves You Money

FQHCs, like all healthcare organizations these days are facing an increasingly extended time to hire. Hiring is hard in any industry, but there is added pressure on healthcare organizations. This pressure was exacerbated during COVID. We know we’ll need 2.3 million healthcare workers by 2025 to enter the field just to keep up with the demand for care. With aging baby boomers and a high volume of retiring nurses and doctors, it seems we’re facing the perfect storm of hiring challenges.

Today, it takes healthcare organizations more than 48 days to fill a job. Some vacancies last even longer. That is 20 days over the industry average for all other types of jobs. The longer the vacancy, the more it costs your organization in added pressure on existing staff as well as the time spent by your HR team trying to find talent.

A specialty FQHC provider saves you by reducing the time to hire at your organization. Unlike a hiring team who must divide their tasks between other on-the-job duties and recruiting an FQHC specialty staffing partner does one thing: Find talent. This can save your organization money by filling jobs faster.

These recruiters specialize in finding and building networks of passive candidates. Those are the candidates who aren’t actively looking for work yet. They may be casually looking or thinking about it down the road. An FQHC builds relationships with these candidates. That pool of possible job candidates can give you a leg up during an open search process.

FQHC recruiters can also save you money when negotiating with possible job candidates. These teams know the market, the competitors, and the talent. This can save you thousands of dollars when you are in a tricky salary negotiation with a potential candidate.

An FQHC staffing partner can streamline the hiring process, pushing candidates toward the closed deal by keeping everyone involved and aware of what’s happening. This is a particularly valuable time saver for your HR team. Allowing a staffing partner to free up your FQHC HR team to focus on more important initiatives such as retaining your staff. The cost savings in this area can be immeasurable.

UHC Solutions is standing by to help your organization save money on hiring. Call on us to find out how we can help.


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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.