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How to Reduce FQHC Employee Turnover

It’s generally more difficult to attract clinical professionals to an FQHC. These organizations rank highly in terms of their give back to the communities they serve. But FQHC’s are located, by design, in more rural communities that lack some of the excitement, challenges, and opportunities that come from more urban settings.

When FQHCs experience turnover, their staffing conundrum may become a crisis. Cohesive teams are particularly important in the multifaceted healthcare world, where lack of communication could result in a negative patient event.

How can FQHCs work to reduce employee turnover and build a strong workforce to attract even more qualified candidates to their team?

Develop the Right Environment

FQHCs experiencing turnover must take rapid steps to stop the bleeding. The impact on the bottom line is clear, but high turnover also takes a serious toll on the remaining team members. Organizations can quickly impact turnover by working on their culture and hiring processes.

Take steps to revamp your hiring process to ensure a better fit from day one.

Hiring takes legwork but always involves a gut check requiring your instincts as to whether the candidate will fit. If you’re experiencing turnover, look at the process to make sure due diligence is followed. Are you checking references and running background checks on every employee? Don’t rush the process and trust those instincts that suggest the employee may not be the perfect fit.

Build your culture by building teams.

Establish departmental goals with the team and create a culture of accountability to achieve them. Make sure every employee understands the organizational mission and values, so they see the good they’re doing every day to serve people.  When employees understand the true goals of an FQHC they can buy into the “give back” nature of the work they do. This will help create indelible bonds between your organization and the team serving your patients.

Invest in training your employees.

The highest-performing employees are at risk of leaving if you don’t provide them with a career path for growth. FQHCs can offer low-cost training like lunch and learns put on by existing staff or online training and certification programs.

Establish rewards for meeting goals.

Whether they are departmental or individual, set an obtainable goal for employees. Create public rewards systems for departments with the best customer satisfaction scores or individuals that achieved higher certification or training. Employees want to know the team and the organization appreciates their hard work.

Offer competitive pay and benefits.

While FQHCs are certainly limited by budgetary constraints, go to the top of the salary cap as necessary to attract top talent. Also, make use of the benefits packages to emphasize work/life balance as much as possible.

The strength of your FQHC lies in hiring well and creating a culture of excellence. If your team needs help finding the right people for the right seats on the bus, UHC Solutions is a one-stop-shop for finding healthcare employees. Contact us today to find out more.


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