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5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Before Your Healthcare Job Search


LinkedIn is hands-down the number one tool that most recruiters use to scope out potential candidates. This has become increasingly crucial during our record low unemployment when most of the candidates sourced by recruiters come from a passive talent pool.

Job seekers in the healthcare field can leverage the power of this social media tool to reach recruiters and hiring managers. Here’s how to use LinkedIn to ensure that your profile will be noticed during your search for a new healthcare job.

Define and follow the companies where you want to work.

After you complete the LinkedIn basics, such as selecting a nice headshot and background, adding your relevant job experience and skills, and switching the “looking for new opportunities” tab on, there’s one next step you need to undertake. LinkedIn is, in effect, one giant database of employers and employees. Instead of updating your profile and waiting for a recruiter to call, try picking out five to 10 companies you would like to work for, and then following them. This means they’ll appear regularly in your newsfeed when something is happening at their facility. Watch to see if they’re advertising a job and who is posting. You can invite those posters to join your network as well as picking up intel on the company that you may be able to use during an interview.

Mine your networking connections.

The algorithms behind LinkedIn work to connect people with second- and third-degree connections in their social networks together. Use these connections by asking colleagues to introduce you to other people. Make it your goal to increase your networking connections by 10 people every week but do this in a deliberate way to circle closer to the companies you’re targeting.

Set up job alerts.

You can set up job alerts using specific keywords and search terms. Many times jobs are posted and the poster can link their profile to the job they’re hiring for. It this is the case, make sure you reach out and ask to link with the job poster as part of your application process.

Ask for recommendations.

LinkedIn makes it easy to ask for recommendations. Reach out to your managers, employees, and coworkers for recommendations now before you’re even ready to look for a job. Personalize the message you email to them by asking specifically for what you need. Think about working with the person you’re targeting and ask them for one or two sentences on what it was like to work together.

Connect with recruiters in the healthcare field.

UHC Solutions specializes in connected qualified healthcare clinicians with the best jobs in FQHCs around the country. In addition to adding you to our database so that we notify you first when openings occur, our team is trained to help you improve your resume, social profile, and interview skills so that you have a leg up on competitors.

Take the next step and contact our leading FQHC recruiters today.

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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.