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Looking for Great Leadership? Ask These 4 Interview Questions

When hiring executive staff for your health center, there’s no room for mistakes. On average, this process will consume months of your time and thousands of dollars. If you want to be certain all this hard work pays off, you’ll need to be well prepared with the right interview questions.

Tough Interview Questions for Healthcare Executives

How do you know when you’ve found the right leader for your organization? To guarantee you’ve found a great leader who’s a good match for your facility, vet your executive candidates with these four tough interview questions.

What Makes You a Successful Leader?

Most interview candidates feel awkward bragging about themselves, but a qualified leader knows their value and how to highlight it with grace. Though this question highlights what great leadership means to the candidate, it also reveals whether they are a good match for your facility. Does their answer fit in with your current management style and objectives? If so, you may have found the right candidate.

What Would You Hope to Accomplish in Your First Six Months on the Job?

The first few months at any job are a learning period. Regardless, C-level executives and other leaders should be held to a high standard, and it’s fair to expect results. If you’re hiring, it’s because you have a need. What do they plan to do to fill that need? What problems do they view as urgent, and how do they intend to solve them? A qualified leader will have done their research, will know your facility’s most urgent concerns, and have the vision to move forward.

What’s Your Biggest Accomplishment as a Leader?

Healthcare is an industry with tiny margins for hospitals, and small, rural health centers are on especially tenuous footing. If your candidate is qualified to lead a department – and potentially, the entire facility – they should have a strong track record of success in the face of adversity. So, what’s their best “war story” that highlights their abilities? The answer should earn your attention.

Who was the Best Business Partner or Supervisor You’ve Had?

Even at the highest levels, healthcare remains a team effort. Your executive team’s success depends on how well each member works with the others. This question reveals what the candidate values in their peers and how they interact with others. If their values mesh with yours, consider moving forward with the hire.

Are You Ready to Start Interviewing for Leadership Roles at Your Facility?

UHC Solutions can help you connect with the best candidates in the industry. To learn more about our comprehensive executive staffing solutions, contact a consultant today.

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