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Why Should You Consider Working with a Recruiter When Healthcare Jobs are Readily Available?

Since March 2020, the healthcare sector lost nearly 90,000 people at a time when bed space was at a premium. There are staffing shortages across the sector; the American Nurses Association says there will be a shortage of more than 100,000 RNs by the end of this year. That doesn’t count the doctors, physician extenders, and just about every other kind of worker needed by healthcare organizations. It’s an untenable position for healthcare organizations to find themselves in. Conversely, it’s a great time for skilled healthcare professionals to be on the market. So, why, then, should you consider working with a recruiting firm when there are so many jobs on the market.

How Can a Healthcare Recruiter Help You in a Hot Candidate Market?

Time is the number one reason to consider working with a recruiter even when the job market is hot. Finding the job you want is hard work. It’s time-consuming and tedious. Do you want to search through job boards and then laboriously apply to the ones that interest you? Do you really want to compete with other candidates doing the same thing?

Working with a healthcare recruiter means you have an expert partner who is both free and knowledgeable about the market and the employers that are worth considering. Recruiters save you the time you’d spend on the hunt for a job; you simply give them your resume and sit back to wait for interviews to happen.

Recruiters are hired by top healthcare employers and spend all day trying to find good talent to fill their client’s jobs. If the recruiter likes you, he or she can represent you to top employers by sharing your resume and credentials. It’s in this way that a healthcare recruiter can expand your network greatly. Taking advantage of your recruiter’s network immediately extends your reach and gets you noticed. There’s no more waiting for someone to call you. Instead, the recruiter will “pitch” your skills to the employer and recommend your name as someone who would be good for the role. It’s like having a trainer in your corner to support you in your fight to find a better career.

A healthcare recruiter can expand your reach to more opportunities, many of which haven’t even been posted yet. They also have important insider information that you simply couldn’t glean from a careers page or a job board. Recruiters can point you toward those hard-to-spot openings and then represent you as the top candidate for the job. This is particularly helpful if you have specialized skills in the healthcare sector, or if you’re looking for a particular type of position to fit your job requirements.

If you’re a healthcare worker searching for the right fit, look no further than UHC Solutions. We work exclusively in the community health field, placing candidates at FQHC organizations where giving back to the community is a way of life. Don’t leave your job search to chance. Call on us today. We can help.

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