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How Might an FQHC Specialized Staffing Partner Help You Reduce Your Time to Hire?

Did you know the average time to hire a healthcare worker is 49 days? For the FQHC, this adds an additional burden when staffing costs are managed so tightly. FQHCs need to do whatever they can to manage the labor cost center in a way that leaves no wasted margin. We know you can’t cut labor costs in healthcare without sacrificing patient care. It’s a huge dilemma but there is a solution: An FQHC specialized staffing partner can reduce time to hire.

Understanding Time to Hire in the FQHC

An FQHC faces special hiring challenges that the typical urban hospital simply doesn’t face. From federal staffing requirements to tighter margins, the FQHC has hiring hurdles that their urban counterparts simply don’t experience. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that these organizations often struggle to find the talent that they need. While the average time to hire is 49 days in healthcare, several other factors could drive this number even higher, such as:

  • The job criteria.
  • The geographic location of the FQHC.
  • Internal hiring workflows.
  • Budget constraints.

Executive recruiting these days can take just as long as finding a specialty doctor. FQHCs require specific types of skills for administrative leadership, and the talent pool is thinner than any of us in the field would like to see. Nurturing these high-end candidates takes finesse and time, and that’s exactly the sweet spot that argues for partnering with n FQHC specialty staffing providers.

Overcoming Hiring Challenges with an FQHC Staffing Agency

An FQHC recruiting agency is the secret weapon for community health organizations seeking to reduce their time to hire. How does an FQHC-specific hiring agency help your business?

  • FQHC-specific staffing firms understand the special environments community healthcare offers to candidates. It’s a setting unlike any other in healthcare and it requires a specific approach to attracting top talent.
  • FQHC specialty staffing firms understand the struggles that these organizations undergo. They know the market and the constraints you’re operating under. It gives these firms the edge during a tricky candidate negotiation process.
  • FQHC recruiting firms free up your HR teams. Today’s markets require constant effort to develop long-term relationships with passive candidates. It’s a proactive approach that requires full-time effort; that kind of time isn’t something most HR teams have.

UCH Solutions specializes in providing community healthcare providers with the kind of support they need to reduce their time to hire. We offer our FQHC clients:

  • Ready-made national candidate networks, nurtured carefully over years of effort.
  • Expert recruiters specially focused on the FQHC market niche.
  • Honed processes designed to streamline your hiring efforts.
  • Proven results.

If your organization struggles with time to hire. We can help. Contact us today.


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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.