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You Can Actually SAVE Money By Partnering with an FQHC Recruiter. Here’s How.

It’s no secret FQHC and other community healthcare providers have tight budgets. They may believe that working with a staffing agency like UHC Solutions is an attractive but not an affordable option to helping them meet their hiring goals. There are many myths about forming a partnership with a recruiting firm, and the high fees you may have heard about is likely one of those myths. Here’s how working with a recruiting firm is not only affordable but how it can ultimately save you in the long run.

How Can an FQHC Recruiter Save You Money?

It’s not uncommon that an internal FQHC team can take months to find a hire. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a doctor or a dentist, administrator, or another employee; it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right fit.

Attracting top candidates requires lots of “human hours” that busy HR teams struggle with on top of all of their other duties. If you’ve struggled with a candidate hiring process that has dragged on, you may have also lost candidates who have walked away before things could draw to a close.

When good candidates come on the market, you must move very quickly or run the risk of losing them to the competition. The problem is that hiring managers often pull double duty in HR. Typically, wearing lots of hats means you can’t move as quickly as you’d like to fill a new position. You also may not have the kind of time it takes to build robust candidate networks. These days without a long-term effort to build a candidate funnel, your organization will struggle to hire as quickly as you’d probably like.

This is where an FQHC recruiter can help. An FQHC recruiter is a dedicated resource that does one thing for your organization: Find you top talent. Typically, these contracts are fulfilled at the end of the process, so the recruiter has a massive incentive to fulfill the role as quickly as possible. Instead of being pulled in several directions like an HR team might be, the FQHC recruiter does one thing very well: Find you resources to hire. They spend hours looking for those passive candidates and working their networks with the goal of reducing your time to hire. This is one important way that an external recruiter can save you money, both by closing candidates quickly, but also by freeing up your HR staff to take care of your existing employees.

An FQHC recruiter can also improve the quality of the candidates you hire. They focus strongly on building positive candidate relationships, searching carefully for the doctor or midlevel who will be a cultural fit for your organization. This is particularly important because the FQHC recruiter becomes a kind of brand ambassador for your organization, representing you in the marketplace to a wide range of candidates.

FQHC organizations seeking to benefit from a recruiting partnership should work with the experienced team at UHC Solutions. We can save you time and money by finding a better candidate—fast. Talk with our team today to discuss your options.


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Unlock the Latest Salary Trends in Community Healthcare

Download UHC Solutions’ Salary Guide eBook for 2024 salary ranges, key data, insights, and more.